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Private Music Lessons

We offer private music lessons for the following:
Piano Vocals
Guitar/Bass Guitar Woodwinds
Strings Drums
Brass Music Therapy

Our teachers hold a minimum of a bachelors degree in music and have at least two years teaching experience. Best of all, your first lesson is free when you enroll for any private instruction. Call us today to inquire about our teacher availability.

Rates for private lessons:
30 minute lesson = $27 per lesson
45 minute lesson = $40 per lesson
60 minute lesson = $54 per lesson

Summer Group Classes 2017

We're offering EIGHT different classes for children of various ages and levels. These classes are a great way to introduce music into the lives of young beginners or enrich the experience for an intermediate student.

Material fees vary on a per class basis and generally include the cost of books &/or instrument rental fees. Please call for details. Space for each class is limited and enrollment is on a "first come, first served" basis.

Class Name Dates Time Ages Price*
Beginner Violin 6/5/17-7/31/17 

(9 wks)
3:30-4:15 pm 7-10 yrs $189

Star Voices


(8 wks-no class 6/12)
2-2:45 pm 9-13 yrs+ $168

"Beginner Violin" is a string class for the complete beginner! Students will learn proper bowing technique and posture for violin while simultaneously learning basic music rhythm and notation. Students will also learn to play simple melodies! Instruments are available to rent at an additional cost.

"Star Voices" integrates singing, musicianship, ear training and vocal breathing technique in a fun and creative way! Students will be learning proper vocal technique while learning to sing popular songs they love!

Class Name Dates Time Ages Price*
Jr Rock Band 6/6/16-8/8/16 

(9 wks, no class 7/4)
1:30-3 pm 8-12 yrs $300
Rock Band 6/6/16-8/8/16 

(9 wks, no class 7/4)
4-5:30 pm 13 yrs+ $300

"Rock Band" gives your child the opportunity to Rock for real! Students will learn cover songs basesd on hits that span generations of Rock/Pop that range from The Beatles to The Cars to Bruno Mars. Amplifiers, cables and drum set are provided!

Class Name Dates Time Ages Price*
Jazz Combo 6/7/17-8/2/17
(9 wks)
1:30-3 pm 12 yrs+ $300

"Jazz Combo"will teach students all about jazz arrangement and improvisation in a combo setting! The class is open to wind or brass instruments, pianists, guitaritsts, bassists, and drummers. Students should be at an intermediate proficiency on their instrument.

Class Name Dates Time Ages Price*
Guitar Ensemble 6/8/17-8/3/17
(9 wks)
1:30-3 pm 10 yrs+ $300
Beginner Ukulele 6/8/17-8/3/17
(9 wks)
2-2:45 pm 7-11 yrs+ $189

"Guitar Ensemble" will teach students to perform duets, trios and quartets with other guitarists. Music will range from classical to jazz and pop. Students should be at an intermediate proficiency and understand music notation.

"Beginner Ukulele" introduces students to the instrument and teaches them basic plucking technique, strumming technique, and how to read music notation. Students will learn out of a course book and will also cover pop songs on the instrument!

Class Name Dates Time Ages Price*
Tiny Finger Piano 6/9/17-8/4/17
(9 wks)
2-2:45 pm 4-6 yrs $189
Young Voices 6/9/17-8/4/17
(9 wks)
3:30-4:15 pm 6-8 yrs $189
Beginner Guitar 6/9/17-8/4/17
(9 wks)
2:30-3:30 pm 7-11 yrs $189

"Tiny Finger Piano" introduces the complete beginner to keyboard basics. Children will learn basic rhythm, note reading and keyboard skills working out of the lesson and they'll write or color exercises regarding class topics in a workbook . Altogether, kids will develop the necessary skills to prepare them for one-on-one instruction.

"Young Voices" will teach young beginners very basic singing and breathing exercises. Students will also learn popular songs from movies, musicals and radio while helping to promote healthy singing and incorporating fun "dance" moves!

"Beginner Guitar" introduces students to basic guitar playing that will include scales, chords and reading music notation. Students will also learn popular melodies or strum patterns based off of pop music! Instruments will be available to rent at an additional cost.

*Price reflects the cost of the 9 wk course. Enrollment fees are due in full by the start date in order to guarantee a slot for the student. Fees are non-refundable and students are expected to attend all available sessions. Failure to attend will not result in any refunds whatsoever.

**Price reflects the cost of each class. Class fees are collected on a monthly basis and students must enroll in all available sessions offered in a month in order to participate.