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Spring Recital, April 9, 2017

  • Taline is our first performer!
  • A view from the stage!
  • Reagan performs on cello.
  • Young Stella gave a stellar performance on piano.
  • Brandi performs in her fourth third.
  • Acelynn performs in her very first recital!
  • Liam performs guitar with his teacher, Sean.
  • For a young clarinetist, Henry gets a rich, full tone!
  • Henry's sister, Caroline, follows with a nice performance.
  • Olivia plays many instruments and here, she plays flute.
  • Matthew is developing into a good classical guitarist!
  • The Littman sisters put on a wonderful guitar show!
  • Young Carlo drummed his little heart out!
  • Tahlia takes her turn at the baby grand.
  • Victoria wore a lovely Spring dress for the occasion.
  • Helios totally ROCKED IT with glow sticks and all!
  • Great job to EVERYONE involved (audience included)!

Winter Musicale, December 11, 2016

  • Amanda kicks off the show on the violin.
  • Michelle is the first up on the baby grand piano!
  • A young classical guitarist performs for a great audience.
  • Casey performs with his teacher, Ms. Ina.
  • Young concert master Manuel plays violin.
  • Kate and her marvelous dress while performing.
  • Guitar instructor Sean plays with his young student.
  • Chloe takes her turn in her first recital!
  • Singing your young heart out is not easy!
  • Jasmine takes her turn on the baby grand.
  • Kristiana performs a solo piece.
  • Anya delights the audience with her flute playing.
  • This young violinist performed very well.
  • Kyle takes his turn on stage.
  • Nothing like a guitar duet!
  • This young cellist played so well, her teacher was quite proud!
  • Meg and Yumi treated the audience to their guitar playing and singing!
  • A well deserved bouquet of flowers for Amanda!
  • Thank you to our team of awesome music teachers!
  • Thank you to everyone for a great concert!

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